Life Planning: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

By Joyce Cohen, Life Planning Specialist

"Does balancing work and life seem like fantasyland? In this uncertain environment, the term "survival" is no exaggeration. In 1997, Arlie Hochschild's book, The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home & Home Becomes Work became a national discussion. More than a decade later, the conundrum is truer now than ever. We are pulled in multiple directions at a blistering speed. Many of us bemoan how much is already "on our plate." We cry, "Something's gotta give." Therefore, it is no surprise that life planning has become popular in this bewildering time of increased workload, laid off colleagues and fewer resources.

What is life planning? It's a holistic and proactive approach to gaining satisfaction and fulfillment at each stage and in all areas of life: work & play, relationships, home, health and well being, education, financial & legal, personal growth, learning. . .

Life planning is an effective model for people of all ages. It is relevant whether you are launching your career, thinking about your third age, or somewhere in between. Life Planning reviews and culls the lessons, talents, and personal evolution.

Those of us about to make major moves or find ourselves in the midst of transition often say "What's next?" For many of us, the traditional paradigm of retirement doesn't work. We want more, not less involvement in many aspects of our lives but we want it our way, on our own terms.  Popular choices now involve gainful earning, making a difference, having flexibility, enjoying our work and having social impact i...all at the same time.


  • Internal programs with a life planning focus
  • Phased retirement options
  • Change of pace regarding individual work
  • Age related perks
  • Options to work on special assignments
  • Outreach to community
  • Multi Generational teams (built in coaches)
  • Mid-life exploration
  • Company sponsored community action;
  • Time to celebrate successes

Peek inside your groups and organizations. How can life planning help to optimize talent and achieve goals?

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