Retreat "In A Box" 

Create Your Own Distinctive Life-Planning get together with provided materials that encourage reflection, inquiry, and renewed exploration.   

Diving in™ to Living...My Way
"Do It Yourself" Weekend Retreat

Treat yourself to a special weekend with "your own" kindred adventurers. Explore an ocean of options and plan for your future. Focus on a guided journey providing meaningful insights for the future.

Diving InTM To Living...My Way is an effective midlife compass to craft a creative personal plan for navigating the uncharted future. Regardless of where you are in your career and life, there is meaning for everyone in this experience!

Materials are written in a nautical metaphor as you embark on a weekend journey.

Glimpse back at the nostalgic past, look at lessons learned, complete a personal assessment, explore pearls of wisdom (in the form of booklets on 8 life dimensions , culminating in creating a personal Life map).

Utilizing conversation, exercises and introspection, you'll begin creating your own future life plan.

We provide the tools and program ideas;  you provide the participants.

Create a special weekend that's Affordable, Engaging, and Memorable!

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