What Others Say

"The Diving In™ To Living...My Way materials are exceptional. Their substance, humor, wit and motivating exercises provides opportunities to create the best possible present and future.  Given our dynamic and changing environment, each subject is timely and relevant -- and a good read."

Helen Dennis 
Specialist in Aging, Employment & Retirement
Co-Author Project Renewment,
The First Retirement Model for Career Women

"Joyce Cohen's expertise in mid-life planning is honed from decades of teaching/training/facilitating at all levels in corporate America. She brings creativity, humor, and wisdom to her professional work, and an innovative style of helping others to manage life's transitions."

Suzanne Baer, Ph.D.
Research Fellow, Creativity Longevity and Wisdom
Fielding Graduate University
Santa Barbara, CA

 It makes me smile to endorse Joyce Cohen! Why? Because I think the world of her.  I've known her personally and professionally for over two decades.  She ranks among the top facilitators, trainers, speakers that I have met.  I think it is her authenticity that captivates an audience every time as well as her deep knowledge of her content area and her ability to relate her own experiences to make her point clear and memorable.

 She truly believes in whatever she is teaching (or she wouldn't be teaching it) and she will do everything and anything in her power to see to it that her audience gets what they came for!  She will go above and beyond every time.  I've known her to return calls on weekends and holidays to those she has taught when they need more of her timely advise or counsel.

 She is a great colleague.  I think this is also the sign of a great professional as well.  She comes from an abundance mentality and is always willing to provide ideas, be a sounding board, find just the right citation, and offer the benefit of her wisdom whenever it is needed.   

She also has excellent writing skills.  We've co-authored articles and book chapters and she always comes through on every deadline and always has something interesting and unique to add to any discussion or any writing assignment.

Finally, she is someone to be trusted.  Absolutely and in every way.  I am pleased to talk to anyone who is interested in using her superb skill set.

Beverly Kaye, Ph.D. 
Founder and CEO, Career Systems International, Inc.

"Joyce Cohen has extensive experience in mid-life planning and career development. But that's not all. Having knowing her for many years I applaud not only her professional skills, but also acknowledge and praise her insight and intuition, sensitivity and wise judgment. She delivers more than what is promised."

Connie Goldman,
Author, Who Are You Now That You're Not Who You Were
Author, Secrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer,
The Ageless Spirit,
The Wisdom of Gardening: Tending the Garden, Mending The Soul,
Late Life Loves
The Gifts of Caregiving

"Because of Joyce's life planning program, I launched a very fulfilling new life chapter."

J. Blake
Former VP, R&D
Colgate Palmolive Company

"We have had three different groups of educators benefit form Joyce's expertise, humor and inspiration. We will always include her workshops in our offerings because she really knows how to connect with people's hopes, dreams and fears."

E. Bobowick
Director, Professional Development Services
Cooperative Educational Services
Trumbull, CT

"As the keynote speaker, Joyce helped us launch our new retired educators' program, RE-C.E.S., in Fairfield County, CT. Our members became enamored as she lit up the room with her warmth, stories and insights from years as a life coach. People left inspired and ready to plan their own "next steps." We anxiously look forward to her return visit"

Awesome, inspirational and resourceful at the Health and Well Being workshop!  The materials came to life in your hands as you shared stories, quoted research and brought everyone into reflective discussion and activity...with laughter!" 

J. E. Harwood
RE-C.E.S Coordinator

"I can never fully express my gratitude for the courage and momentum you gave me; I have enjoyed experiences, successes, and opportunities that I never would have encountered if you had not come into my life."

Ron Gillard
Former Director of Industrial Relations Wisconsin Bell
Waukesha, WI

"I have known and worked with Joyce Cohen for over ten years. Her knowledge and abilities in facilitating mid life planning programs is not only professionally stimulating but also personally valuable. Her meaningful and accessible ways are unsurpassed, as is her sincerity and commitment to purpose."

Valerie A. O'Krent, M.A.
Faculty, California State University/Fullerton

Participant Comments, Recent Life Planning Workshops

"There was so much value to be gained in this day, we want to meet again. We're planning to follow up, participants will suggest topics of interest from all we learned, and each person's interest will be addressed." Pat, CT Educator

I just wanted to tell you one more time what a fantastic program I thought we were part of last week with Joyce Cohen. Not only did I gain a lot of practical information but I grew, in a spiritual way, as I focused on those characteristics that define myself and qualities that I consider essential to my happiness. Thank you, again, for your part in bringing Joyce to CES.
Jan, CT Educator

"This life planning program was valuable and fun; it forced me to realize I clearly had not thought through what I really need to consider as I move toward retirement. What a gift!" 
Tom P.,  Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"I almost never give "5's" on evaluations. You really know your stuff and you all have a terrific sense of humor as well." 
Pete S., Independent contributor, Engineering firm

"Joyce's life planning program generated enormous excitement, energy and confidence about my ability to make life / career changes, and I did it."
Darwin D., Washington, DC consulting firm

From recent workshop participants:

"Rich" with information and practicality, terrific program; so much to think about."

"Great presentation; informative, I will take action immediately."

"I must make some changes NOW long before I consider retiring."

"I used to dread the thought of retirement. Now, I can't wait and I have lots to think about between now and then."

"My husband has become the ‘poster boy' of life planning. He never had energy for this topic before; now, he can't stop talking about it."

"An amazing, valuable resource. The materials alone are worth the price of admission."

"Its reassuring to know I'm not in this boat alone. Others feel the same way I do about many of these issues."

"Worth every minute of my time and then some."

"This was excellent; it reinforced networking, staying connected, updating skills and getting focused."

"This topic is timely; provocative, helpful and practical."

"Invite Unconventional Wisdom back and extend the length; Joyce kept on track, maintained a swift pace and involved everyone."

"The entire time we were focused, thinking, talking, planning and laughing;"

"The session was a life moving experience; Ms. Cohen is inspirational...Joyce and her group truly care and have our best interests in mind."